Featured Story: Darkness

Darkness is when you are homeless and alone in this world even though your family lives less than 20 miles from where you call home.  Which in reality is a tent with no electricity or utilities that normal people have.  Begging for food or money to survive.  Because your family disowns you as a son or a brother.
Then depression kicks in.  And the drugs become a part of life to numb the pain of darkness.  Pumping the poison called meth into my veins more and more every day.  Until all I think about is where and how am I going to get my next fix and my next needle.  Doing more and more each time.  Not caring about my health and well-being anymore.  And before you know it, you look in the mirror one day and don’t even recognize yourself because you are 60 pounds under weight.  Nothing but skin and bone, literally.  And then telling yourself it’s almost over.  Just a few more days and life will be over and the pain will end with it.
At that point, somehow you end up in jail, looking at some time in prison.  And you realize that this isn’t where you want to be, but you’re here for a reason.  There is a plan for you and it’s not time to go home to God.
So, this is where my story ends for now.  Hopefully not forever, as I hope there is a part two. I hope there is a point where I find the light of life rather than the darkness of the world.  But at this point, only time will tell.  Darkness has been a part of my life for a very long time, but I stay optimistic that one day I will have so much light in my life I will forget the darkness.
— 2017 Veteran TCCC Participant