Library Workshops

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DSWM merges the art of storytelling with fun interactive games for all ages.  By intertwining the creation and performance of stories, we enable friends, families, and neighbors to learn more about one another in a class full of fun and surprises!

We offer 60-90-120 minute workshops facilitated by either one or two professional storytellers to guide and entertain participants through the amazing journey or storytelling intertwined with improv.

DSWM produces individualized storytelling workshops for each site based on their specific needs.  Program rates begin at $250 and can include mileage depending upon the location.

Class Examples

On the Fly

Learn how to create a story on the fly. In this workshop, participants will learn to work collaboratively to create original stories together. Using the story spine method, participants will learn what can possibly come next during each step of the story. This class brings participants together through exciting improv techniques and team building that is full of fun twists and turns.  By the end, they will all want to share what happened after that!

Being Brave is the First Step

This class begins by digging down into our memories for stories from our lives. It allows participants to focus on their own personal narrative to create an engaging story that comes right out of their own personal experience. Because, stories we remember, are by definition memorable. And everyone wants to hear a memorable story! This transformative class will help each participant find their voice in their story and learn how to share it with others.

Myths, Legends, and Stories of our Own Families

Every family has stories full of laughter and tears that they share with one another during gatherings. Finding the stories in our family’s history often defines who we are to people outside of our family. By bringing your family stories and traditions to life, we help each participant explore their own family myths and legends. Once those tales are shared, we find what part or role each participant played in their own family story and help them to weave their part into the bigger quit of their family story.  This class is excellent for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and children to attend together.